About True Care

Abbott True Care, an arm of Abbott's Pharmaceutical business in India, was founded in April 2006. True Care strives to provide access to high quality medicines across remote corners of urban India at affordable prices.

True Care took giant strides and within 5 years it crossed Rs 300 Cr in sales launching highly successful products and formulations. It markets products in the areas of anti-infectives, pain management, gastroenterology, gynecology and other primary healthcare drugs. Some of the successful products of True Care include Zimnic, Megamox, Anafortan, and Fightox.

True Care covers the extra urban markets by hiring the local youth who understands the dynamics of and need gaps of these areas and customers. True Care identifies unmet patient and physician needs and then collaborates with external organizations that can best develop the desired formulations.

True Care undertakes various citizenship initiatives for the betterment of the society. It organizes patient camps every year for patient awareness and diagnosis.

True Care engages with multiple knowledge providers both national and international in the relevant therapy areas to get the latest scientific updates for the local health care practitioner enabling them to provide better health care services for their patients.